Third European Conference in Cuba (Portugal)

Third European Conference (European Conference) DICSE project – Cuba (Portugal)

From 21 to 24 March 2016, was held at the municipality (Portugal), the third European Conference of the project DICSE, organized at the same local authority Portuguese, as part of the European program “Europe for Citizens 2014-2020″ (City Networks).

The delegation of the municipal administration of Reggio Calabria, chaired by Councillor Giuseppe Marino was received by the Mayor of the municipality.

The meeting took place between local decision-makers of local government (Municipality – Portugal) and some active members of civil society, representing different target groups.

The project Dicse, was presented by the municipality of Reggio Calabria (through its Europe Direct Centre) and it is entirely financed by the European programme “Europe for citizens-2014-2020″.

In addition to the City of Reggio Calabria, as lead partner, the project also involved the City of La Coruña (Spain), the Municipality of Gniew (Poland), the Municipality of Cuba (Portugal) and the Municipality of Sandanski (Bulgaria). The Municipality, they were supported in their activities and the direct involvement of citizens, by local non-profit organizations of their respective countries and that complete the project partnership: Innovamentis NGO (Italy), MIB (Portugal), Ecos do Sur (Spain), EuniPartners (Bulgaria), IRSE (Poland).

The Conference addressed the e-participation. Citizens who actively participate in government decisions. The aim of the Conference was to discuss about different situations in European cities participating in the project and the meeting has been very useful for identifying new tools and new ways of involvement of citizens.