09 March 2016 – 4th InfoDay (Local Event) in Poland

Representatives of local organizations and non-profit associations of Municipality of Gniew (Poland), participated in the Fourth Infoday DICSE project, organised by the European program “Europe for Citizens 2014-2020″ (City Networks).

The work session was focused: promote the European program “Europe for Citizens” and the project Dicse; orient participants to the knowledge and deepening of the concepts of participatory democracy; participatory dialogue through the use of the Social Media for Digital Cities, in order to stimulate a process of discussion (on-line / off-line) on project themes, Also in European perspective.

The meeting took place between local decision-makers of local government (Municipality of Gniew – Poland) and some active members of civil society, representing different target groups.

- Presentation of the project and its goals
– Workshops: Social media for Digital Cities – How to use it for development the cities.
– Discussion between policy makers and local stakeholders on topics of future Conferences Europe; It examines the requirements and needs of the community with respect to the project themes.
– filling out questionnaires from participants, with a focus on issues of the project; formulating proposals in European perspective; final conclusions.