17 March 2016 – 3rd InfoDay (Local Event) in Portugal

Dicse: Meeting with citizens

Infoday at the municipality library in Cuba (Portugal), within the project DICSE.

The main topics of discussion: digital city, e-democracy, e-citizenship, e-inclusion. A local event with the involvement of all for a common reflection on the most relevant issues.
A meeting point between citizens and local authorities, strengthening the democratic dimension.

Representatives of local organizations and nonprofit associations the municipality in Cuba (Portugal), attended the third project DICSE Infoday, organised by the European program “Europe for Citizens 2014-2020” (City Networks).

The work session was focused: promote the European program “Europe for Citizens” and the project Dicse; direct participants to knowledge and to deepen the concepts of E-Participation:Cittadini e Pubblica Amministrazione ; participatory dialogue through the use of Social Media for Digital Cities, in order to stimulate a process of discussion (on-line / off-line) on project themes, Also in European perspective.

The municipality in Cuba